About Shopping at Flagship Stores

New York. Paris. Tokyo. London.

Travelers on the shopping pilgrimage to London are recommended to visit the four holy shopping destinations: Oxford St., Savile Row, Regent St., and Carnaby St. Dispersed throughout the mecca are luxury temples
, flagship stores.

Shopping at flagship stores (or "shopping flagship) is a hobby for many shoppers and has been growing in popularity, not surprisingly considering the amount of money and effort poured into these stores. As consumers become more demanding and time-restricted, some refuse to settle for less than the best possible shopping experience. This is especially true for international visitors with money to spend, experiences to remember, and limited time.

A flagship store is the retailer's most prominent store, targeting high-income shoppers. These status symbol establishments are the preferred shopping destinations because they carry the the widest selection of merchandise, provide high quality of service, and offer the most
luxurious atmosphere. It is the brand. Many upscale retailers such as Prada, Cartier, Polo Ralph Lauren, A&F, and Apple operate flagships worldwide.

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